Sivuka Emaqandeni


Dear Friends,


WLTP in partnerships with Inhlambamkhosi Men’s Leadership Project from 2010-2013 conducted a campaign against two forms of women abuse: abduction of girls and young women for marriage – UKUTHWALA and the bewitching of girls for love – UMHAYIZO.


Sivuka Emaqandeni are the stories of girls and women who overcame their adversities.


You are welcome to download the stories, BUT we request YOU to contact us and share how you are using the stories.



Sibongile Mtungwa, WLTP Director.

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I don’t know what will be next. What I do know is that I am prepared to die for my freedom. Through my work, I started to question my situation for the first time. I have become very aware that I was not being true to myself.
Buyelaphi Sibiya