We are inspired by the girls and young women who challenge us to respond to their needs in the areas of






Biodiversity and Climate Change



These needs arise specifically from the patriarchal attitudes that ‘put them in their place’ and do not recognize their voice and agency. It takes a lot of time, resources, programming, surprises and flexibility as we go, to counteract the environment that girls grow up in in South Africa. We are pleased to see young leadership emerging to meet their ever-evolving needs and challenges.

We invite all our friends, followers and funders to embark on a journey towards sustainability with WLTP this year!

In 2023, we achieved a major milestone by securing a Pilot Project with German Agency Kindernothilfe for 2024 and 2025. We are looking forward to this new partnership.

Our focus on empowering girls through gender and leadership workshops has shown promising results, with support from educators and parents. While challenges remain in working with boys due to funding limitations, we have run a few workshops and our commitment to breaking patriarchal norms is unwavering.

Join us in combatting the climate crisis! In 2022 and 2023, our director, Sibongile Mtungwa, served on the steering committee of the Adaptation Network and conducted transformative workshops on the Just Transition. We are forging partnerships and taking action to create a sustainable future, with thriving agroecology food gardens and plans for women’s cooperatives.

Experience the wonders of restoring biodiversity and ecosystems with WLTP. See how our girls engage in advocacy through interactive role-playing sessions. Our birding activities are soaring, offering an enriching experience for all participants.

While funding has been our primary challenge, we have dedicated staff who remain committed to the programmes that increase our impact. Join us as we strive to support and empower more communities.

Enjoy our updates on this website and visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/WLTPwaterproject to be part of our transformative journey towards sustainability. #WLTPforSustainability #EmpoweringCommunities.

We invite you to continue to journey with and support us and the groups we work with.