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One of our flagship projects is Water

Water as a source of life, as a human right and as an absolute necessity to develop communities.

Rivers and streams are the lifeblood of our communities.

The healthy flow of rivers is a sign of life in a community, especially in a water-scarce country such as SA. Clean water gives us health and is the basis for agriculture and life in the communities we work in.

The major threat to our rivers is pollution, which negatively affects the quality of water.

The pollution of our rivers is basically the result of our own behaviours and actions – in communities and sectors such as agriculture, mining and industry. People have turned our rivers and streams into rubbish dumps, turning them into sites of diseases such as cholera, due to high levels of bacteria.

WLTP is doing everything to turn the tide. We educate young people on:


Testing the quality of water


Science behind water management

planet-earth (2)

Water as a human right


How to use water wisely


How to use water for agroecology

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