Grail International Women’s Movement

WLTP is an independent entity affiliated to the Grail International Women’s Movement through its founding members who are members of the Grail.

This relationship has no formal agreements, but is strong because the current 3 staff members are members or becoming members. WLTP plays a huge role in Leadership Development for Girls and Young women by organising and mentoring girls in our areas who attend the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women Hearings annually.

WLTP also mentors young women to attend the Young Women’s Leadership Programme organised by the International Grail. WLTP motivated and initiated the International Grail Earth Network in 2000 which still exists today. WLTP plays a pivotal role in this network by conscientizing the members and initiating programmes related to Climate Change, Biodiversity, Water and Food issues. At present members are finding out about their countries’ Paris Agreement Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

The Adaptation Network

The Adaptation Network has been part of WLTP’s processes since 2015. WLTP has served into the steering committee two terms 2022 and 2023. Sibongile currently co-chair the Capacity Building and Learning Portfolio in 2023 after Co-chairing the Communications one in 2022. The staff has received training and capacity building for 3 Staff Members on Climate Change Awareness.

Climate Reality Project

WLTP did a Gender and Climate Change docuseries with the Climate Reality Project. Although this is a loose network, but it has exposed WLTP’s work to other countries and continents. Platforms and opportunities for collaboration are emerging. The most exciting opportunity is to work with another Activist in Cameroon on Biodiversity and Climate Change Project.

The Pan African Climate Justice Alliance

The Pan African Climate Justice Alliance invited WLTP in 2022 to participate at the civil society conferences in South Africa, Malawi and Rwanda. WLTP presented a case of Loss and Damage based on the April 2022 Floods. At the end of 2022, WLTP registered as one of the partners for PCJA in the SADC region.